Aleu & Dodge

Akita - Adult - Female - Large
Adoptable Prefers no catsPrefers no dogs

Lincoln, IL

Who is this special pair, you ask? We are Aleu and Dodge. We have the same parents but are from different litters. I’m the big sister, Aleu, at 3 years old. I am sweet and sassy and very loyal. I quickly become a little shadow following you everywhere, just waiting to lick your hands and sit and shake for you. I love to walk but gets a little over excited and pull a bit. Overall, I walk well. I love kids but I don’t do well with other dogs, particularly other girl dogs. I get a little grumpy and protective. I am very bonded to my little brother, Dodge. But keep me away from cats and small animals. I don’t do well with them. I am kennel-trained and need to be crated when alone because I have some minor separation anxiety. Otherwise, I am very well mannered and behaved.

Let me tell you about Dodge. He is a lovable clown. He’s always around to pick you up and make you laugh. He is silly and loveable. He doesn’t realize he’s a big bear. He thinks he’s a lap dog and tries to convince you too. He loves absolutely everyone from kids to other dogs. He is always happy and looking for someone to give him pats. He walks well on a leash and is kennel trained and knows the basic sit, but likes to sass. He has a control feed bowl because he’s very excited about food and starts to hyperventilate from eating too quickly. He’s the kind of dog to always know where you are and always be there to cheer you up and be a big lovable silly best friend.

So if we’re so amazing, why do we need a new home? Well, mom’s living situation changed and she can’t afford to keep us any more. It breaks her heart to give us up, but knows it’s for the best. Especially if she knows that home is loving and kind like the one we have now.”

For more information email Kayla Breedwell at [email protected] or call 216-396-0783. (December 2017)

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