Akita - Adult - Male - Large
On Hold Mix Prefers no cats

Lebanon, MO

Hey there!  My name is Ben. You probably noticed I’m not a purbred Akita, but I am an Akita mix. I was brought to Missouri from SAPA in Texas, and adopted out from there, where I lived in a crowded home with 20 other dogs until I was rescued by Pound Pullers of Lebanon, MO. I’ve been with my new human for several weeks now. Before that, I was kept outside in a pen with food and water, with little to no physical contact. Now I have a pen and dog house, and I get to run around in the back yard for exercise. So it’s not surprising I started showing attachment to my new human. I show affection, then go off to do my own thing. I let her touch me all over, and I get excited when I see her. I even started to give her butterfly kisses. I don’t bark much at all. Walking is a bit of a challenge, though, because I tend to pull on the leash. I show prey drive to cats, and have to be kept caged inside when they’re around. I quiet down after a while, so maybe I’ll get used to them one day. I haven’t had much direct contact with other dogs before living with my human. I get along well with the Heeler in the house, and my new best friend is the 19 lb. female Chow mix. We love to play for hours in the back yard. I sit for treats, and I like squeaky toys. Car rides make me very happy too. I love to visit the local Pet Store, and I behave well until I see the adoptable kitties.

I had a severe ear infection, which the vet treated once. I’ll have to go again in another week. I still shake my head, but I’m told my ears look so much better. I also have a sore on front left paw, probably from boredom licking. It is healing nicely with daily treatment. My humans have no idea of my background family. Otherwise, I weigh 75 lbs., have good teeth and I’m in good health. I tested negative for heartworms and I’ve been on Heartguard since then. I’m neutered and up to date on vaccinations. I behave well at the vet. The rescue suggests a home with no other dogs or children until I can be evaluated to know how I would act. A yard would be good. I’d love to be able to run free. Do you have the ideal home for me?

For more information call Anita Bohannon at 417-533-2338 or email her at [email protected]. (October 2017)

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