Akita - Young - Female - Large
Adoptable HousebrokenSpayed/NeuteredVaccinations up to date

Chardon, OH

Jazzy is a healthy, happy, 6 month old old pup rescued along with her mother, Rosie (the tan/white dog in the accompanying photo), from deep in Amish country, PA. Both were frozen with fear on their ride to Cleveland; we think they had never been in a car! It was apparent once here that they had also never been on leash, and did not appear to be familiar with grass or woodland smells. But what a difference a few weeks makes, because they both have quickly learned to walk on leash, love going for walks, and now take treats from their handlers. Both are very affectionate, even for akitas, and love to be massaged and petted. Jazzy is the more playful and energetic of the two, though both are eager outdoor lovers. Jazzy will be taller and lankier than momma. They can be separated, but they are now a bonded pair who prefer to be together, Jazzy even more so than Rosie. Neither is particularly stressed by the presence of other dogs.

For more information on Jazzy, or to arrange a visit with the duo, please contact Deanna O’Brien at [email protected] or 773-594-9302. MARS has akitas available for fostering and adoption at several midwest locations. Visit our website, akitas.org, for more details on this and all our other akitas.

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For more information on Jazzy, please call Deanna O'Brien at 773-594-9302 or click here to send a message.

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