Kuma Bear

Akita - Adult - Male - Large
Adoptable HousebrokenPrefers no cats

Olathe, KS

Who is this mellow fellow? My name is Kuma Bear. I am a 3-year old male Akita who was adopted at 6 weeks old by my current family. I was raised with two girls, now ages 7 and 11. I also live with an 8-lb., female terrier mix who arrived about 8 months ago as a 3-lb. puppy. We have great fun together, despite our size difference. I am housetrained and have never been destructive in the home. I will stay in a kennel if necessary, but I’m not used to being in it for long periods of time. I walk well on a leash, and love to play fetch in my fenced yard. I know sit and shake and I am treat motivated. I have the stubborn streak at times, so very characteristic of my breed. I am very bonded to my humans. Like all Akitas, I am protective of them, but not aggressive. I am quiet unless I need to warn them of an unexpected guest or something concerning outside. When you first meet me, I can be initially shy, reserved and fearful of men and strangers I don’t know. I do best with females and older children, but eventually warm up to others. As a pup, I had a horrible allergic reaction to the rabies vaccine and went into anaphylactic shock, so I am not up to date on vaccinations.

Why do I need a new home? Because of a recent incident with a relative’s cat. I had never been exposed to cats before and I was staying with a relative for a few days. I missed my family and was anxious in a different home. After a cat began to taunt me, I chased the cat. A relative intervened in that very excited and chaotic moment and unfortunately, I bit the relative as an accident. They are fine, but very nervous now having me around. This person is a frequent child care provider for my humans, so they had to make the difficult decision to re-home me. Experts believe the circumstances caused me to bite, but I need a new home just to be safe. I hope to find a wonderful new home with someone experienced with the breed. We can play, take walks, or just plain chill. Can you help me?

For more information email Shannon Johnson at [email protected] or call her at 913-208-5195. (July 2017)

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