Akita - Adult - Male - Large
Adoptable HousebrokenNeeds adult-only homePrefers no catsPrefers no dogsSpayed/NeuteredVaccinations up to date

Kentwood, MI

Mozart was bred by an Akita breeder. He is a long coat. He got along with kids and dogs at first,  but at the age of 6 months, he started being aggressive towards big dogs. He received some training but couldn’t be around other dogs or unknown people. He moved in with his human sister (my daughter) and did not get along with her at first. So we trained him and she always fed him under my supervision until he got used to her and never growled at her. My son was born and Mozart loved him until he started walking. Mozart would growl when my son got close to his food. (Every time he growled at anyone, i would always say no or down) So I started having my year and a half feed him and he hasn’t growled at him since. Those are some of the negatives. But the positives are way too much. He’s very protective of his family. He loves to play with my kids. He never growls unless someone is close or at the door. He’s scared off people at least twice wandering around our house. Many times I have gone for walks late at night. He always lets me know when there is someone getting close and tells people not to get close. I have had at least 4 encounters where if it wasn’t for him, i would have been in trouble. He knows the basic training commands. He’s my baby boy and I love him. If it was up to me, I would never let him go. But I’m moving and can’t take him with.

For more information, contact Francisco Pablo at [email protected] or 616-337-2561. (November 2018)

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