Akita - Adult - Male - Large
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Forest Park, IL

Roscoe is a beautiful dog He looks like a pure Akita, except he has very long legs, so there may be a mix. He was very scared and nervous when he first came home, but now he has bonded with his owners and is very sweet. He is great with cats, very gentle and kind to them. If he is going up stairs and there is a cat on the stairs, he will stop and wait until the cat moves before he proceeds. He likes to lean down and touch noses with kitties.He is good friends with the 10-lb female dog in the home, and the female German Shepherd, however, he does NOT like male dogs. There are two very friendly male dogs, a Golden and a Shepherd/Pyrennes mix and they are fine with him, but Roscoe is not okay with them, even though he’s been around them for several weeks.  He gets very agitated when male dogs walk past the house or when the neighbor’s male lab comes out into their yard. He barks and tries to go after those dogs.Roscoe would do best as an only dog or with a small female dog or a cat. He also would do best in a household without small children because he is big and strong (80.5 lb) and doesn’t realize he can easily knock down a toddler or even a 5 yr old.Once he decides he likes someone he gets very excited when he sees them and doesn’t know how to control his excitement and wants to jump up on them, putting a foot on each shoulder. His owner is trying to break him from doing this, but it is his way of expressing happiness.
He is VERY strong on a leash and difficult to control if a male dog happens to come along. He also tries to jump the 6-ft cedar fence in the yard, but has not been successful (yet); however, he can easily clear a 4-ft iron fence on his property.

Roscoe likes to lay next to his mom, or sit with his head in her lap in the evenings. He loves being petted and stroked. He seems to be good with men he has met and been properly introduced to, but not strangers, even females. He does best in a calm, quiet environment and that is another reason he would not do well with children of any age, especially if they were excited or running around playing. He would be too nervous and scared and most likely would react badly.
Once Roscoe knows someone and is comfortable with them, he is very protective of them. Introductions to new people and animals has to be done carefully and calmly. He has been neutered, had all his shots including rabies, microchipped and had his teeth cleaned. His best friend is a 10-lb female dog who is always with him.  He’s looking for a new best friend.  Would that be you?

For more information, email Sharon Jacknow at [email protected], or call her at 708-945-0636 (June 2018)

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