Akita - Adult - Male - Large
Adoptable Prefers no dogs

Galveston, IN

Don’t let the name fool you. I’m really a good boy. My name is Rotten. I am a five-year old Akita who had been living with my best friend, Bella, since we were puppies. Our humans need to re-home us, and Bella has already moved on. I’m a gentle giant.  But I don’t like staying in the back yard. I jumped the 4-ft fence one day and pinned down the neighbor’s dog, but didn’t kill him.  The neighbors are scared now, and want me out of the neighborhood.  So sadly, I have to stay on a leash in the yard.  It’s not much fun for me. Nor do get along with the Great Dane and Great Pyrenees dogs in my house. But I can be really sweet as the only dog in the house!  I may have my problems, but with lots of love and patience as the only dog in the house, I can be wonderful and loyal.

For more information, call Melissa Diedrick at 574-721-3773 or email her at  [email protected] (Feb 2016)


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