Shazuki (Zuki)

Akita - Adult - Female - Large
Adoptable HousebrokenSpayed/Neutered

Mooresville, IN

We brought Shazuki (ZUKI) into our home three weeks ago because her previous owner did not feel like she had the right home for her. Zuki was terrified of all the city noise and spent most of her time hiding upstairs away from the commotion and her owner felt she was better suited to farm life. When we brought her home, she had never interacted with another animals or children, but she was a natural with both. She plays really well with my female Akita and has no issues being submissive to very dominate male Catahoula. She is very gentle with our cats and keeps her distance from our horses and goats but she has shown a strong prey drive with our chickens. The first two chickens we lost I felt were my fault because I should have watched her closer and I genuinely believed she simply played too rough with them. The third time however, she went after the chicken in a much more driven manner and she knew that they were food and not toys. We raise these chickens for meat and eggs and I cannot risk their lives anymore and it wouldn’t be fair to keep them or Zuki locked up all the time, so unfortunately I do need to re-home her. She is 2 years and 4 months old and spayed. Overall, she is a fantastic dog, just shy in new situations simply because she has not been exposed to very much. She does very well with positive reinforcement and following guidance of our other dogs. She learns quickly and is making great progress with leash training and house manners such as jumping and begging. She is crate trained and loves to sleep in her crate but does great left loose in the house while we are at work. She has never had an accident or tore anything up while we are out! I really think the perfect home for her would be a quiet neighborhood, or in the country with other dogs of similar size. She loves to rough house, but without chickens! Do you have that perfect home for her?

For more information about Zuki, please email Torri at [email protected] or call her at 765-318-0630.

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