What If I Have Other Pets?

Given their history as hunters, Akitas are not always welcoming to other dogs or cats. Many have a very strong prey drive. This is their nature and genetics, not a form of disobedience. These situations can’t just be “corrected,” and they won’t just “go away” with time. They will just as likely get worse. If you plan to adopt an Akita and have other pets already, take the time to understand all the animals in question before combining them.

Observe how each animal behaves around other animals. Does anyone stiffen and stare? Lunge? Yawn, shake off or try to run away? Do cats or small dogs run and act like prey? If so, be very cautious with your adoption plans. If you don’t know how to read the body language of any of the animals, get qualified help to determine whether the new pack member will fit in safely.

If everything looks good, remember that household introductions must be careful, positive and slow – never rushed. Read more about safe introductions in our Adoption Tips booklet.