Training and Care

The best way to help your Akita to become a happy and well-adjusted family member is for you to train him – kindly.

Puppy Training

Puppies under 16 weeks need to be gently exposed to other young pups, as well as sights, sounds and smells. A well-run puppy kindergarten class helps with...

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No Alphas in the House

Another way to harm your relationship with your dog is to use outdated “show him who’s boss” handling. Dominance, or “Alpha” behavior by you...

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Find a Great Trainer

Many people don’t realize that the U.S. pet training profession is unregulated. Anyone can hang up a sign and say they’re “professional.” To us,...

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Find a Great Veterinarian

More and more veterinarians are realizing the benefits of having stress-free visits by their clients. Kinder and calmer visits lead to better, safer and...

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Dog Parks, Daycare and Groomers

Did you know that at least 50% of adult dogs would prefer not to play with other dogs in groups? That’s right, half. And 10% of adult dogs strongly...

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