Find out if an Akita might be a good fit for you, how to choose your new best friend and how to transition a new dog into your home and life.

Is an Akita Right For Me?

All dogs require kindness and love, but Akitas require a special measure of patience and respect. They are not “easy” dogs, and they don’t do well...

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What If I Have Other Pets?

Given their history as hunters, Akitas are not always welcoming to other dogs or cats. Many have a very strong prey drive. This is their nature and...

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How to Find Your New Best Friend

When choosing a dog or puppy of any breed, please do your homework. Take time to research the strengths and weaknesses of the breed, especially health and...

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Life in Your Home

When you bring home a new dog or puppy, it’s all about the love. It’s tempting to forget all the basics as you look in those beautiful eyes – things...

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