Satinka (Tink)

Akita - Senior - Female - Medium
Adoptable Spayed/NeuteredVaccinations up to date

Belleville, MI

Morning Satinka, our Tink, was purchased from an Auction and was said to be pregnant. Upon checking Tink, it was found that she was 10 years of age and although they tried to breed her, instead she had mammary tumors and was very underweight and scared. Like the butterfly that morphs from a caterpillar, Tink has shed her sadness and her shyness and has learned to live each day fully and her progress has been both in the physical state and most importantly her mental personality that has blossomed. She is a favorite of all that meet or care for her and our hope for Tink is that she finds a solid foster or forever home where she can show her new found zest for life.

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